Let us share His fragrance with everyone we meet and let us do it from a thankful heart.

Let us pray: “Lord, let Your splendor fill my life, that I may draw people to You. Help me walk in the way that spreads the fragrance of Your love to others.” ~ courtesy of Our Daily Bread

There is a sweet, unmistakable fragrance that flows from the heart of a Christian who spends time in fellowship with the Lord. It is a fragrance that never fades no matter the place or the season. There are many ways you can share His fragrance. Every single time you say a kind word, offer a smile, or simply open a door for someone you are doing it. As you shine His Light, let your actions spread goodness to those around you. Take a moment to see what happens, because you never know how your small act of kindness might impact someone else!

“For we are unto God a sweet savour of Christ, in them that are saved, and in them that perish.” ~ 2 Cor. 2:15 (KJV)

Everyone recognizes the difference between a pleasant smell and one that is not pleasant. But, that can be a very individual thing. Some may like the sweet smell of a field of flowers blowing gently in the wind and some may not. Some may enjoy the smell of perfume and some may not. Some may enjoy the smell of peppermint and some may not. Thankfully, God made each one of us independent and unique.

What is your preference? Do you notice the smells that surround you throughout your day? Do you notice the beautiful aroma when you are in the company of believers? Can you notice a difference?

Is the aroma in your world welcoming and calming? Does your mood change depending on the people you are around or the places you go? 

We can control our aroma by staying focused on our Lord. Have you noticed how disturbing it is when a woman comes near and her perfume is so strong and overwhelming that you want to flee? Do you find it to be an unpleasant distraction? Do you realize that you may have that same impact upon others? Let us be sensitive and aware of the feelings of others as we reach out to them. 

“When we walk with God, we leave behind a sweet fragrance that can inspire others to follow.” ~ courtesy of Our Daily Bread

Think about the fragrance you have chosen to wear. You can refresh your life with the sweet fragrance of the Holy Spirit. Are you thankful that God shows you how to do that through His Word? As He dwells in your heart are you sharing His sweet fragrance with others?

“A godly life is a fragrance that draws others to Christ.” ~ courtesy of Our Daily Bread

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Joyce Graves

Founder of Heart"wings" at Heart"wings" ministries
Joyce Graves founded Heart”wings”- a women’s fellowship as a Facebook ministry to share God's great love, to encourage and support sisters in Christ. Born in Houston, TX on a bright summer morning in 1941, she grew up in a Christian home as a “sunny-side up, glass half-full” little girl. She accepted Jesus as her Savior at the age of 12. Joyce and her husband are enjoying life in Arizona and love the desert of Lake Havasu City in the winter and Lakeside in the majestic White Mountains in the summer. At both places, she spends a lot of time on her Facebook ministry with maintenance matters and communicating with her Heart”wings” sisters. God led her to start the Facebook ministry on March 2, 2015. Her obedient service to our Lord is simple but fulfilling. To any lady who is interested in joining Heart"wings" - a women's fellowship (a secret/secured Facebook group), there are several places on these blog pages that you can click on and ask her to "friend you."

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