In our run-around hurry-scurry existence, sometimes zeroing in helps us to focus!

focused on an unfamiliar bird species--he isn't as appearsThe other day, my husband, an amateur photographer, zoomed in to focus on discovering the identity of an unfamiliar bird. He’s interested in whatever species he finds. However, this one really intrigued him, because its feather design resembles the ladderback woodpecker’s.
As writers, we learn to avoid redundancy, so I made sure not to write focused intently, but I might have. The picture I wish to paint is someone hunched over a folder with birds of the Southwest and his computer. At the same time. For a loooooong time.
At first, he thought this bird was a yellow-bellied sapsucker. But though he saw a tinge of yellow on the breast the yellow-bellied variety lacked the red throat. So he revived his search.
 Eventually, my e-mail contained a note from him with the subject line: Red-naped sapsucker. Yep, this little fellow (or lady) joins the acorn woodpeckers, s jays, and beautiful bluebirds here in the Arizona mountains, just waiting for my husband to capture them in vivid color.
At HeartWings Blog, Gail Kittleson speaks of focus and challenges readers.
 And what does this have to do with our HeartWings Friday Focus? It’s that word ‘focus’ that can describe an action or an object. Verb or noun. As a noun, it can mean center of attention, hub, pivot, nucleus, heart, core, cornerstone, center point, linchpin, or cynosure. As a verb, two meanings are possible. First to adapt to the prevailing level of light and become able to see clearly. Or to pay particular attention to.
It’s good to stand back for a moment on this week’s last workday before the weekend arrives and consider how we’re focusing. On what we’re focusing. Are we at one of those life-points where we’re adapting to change? Is there something we need to pay particular attention to? May your Friday focus be sharp and clear!
What is your focus today? 
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Gail Kittleson

Gail Kittleson taught college expository writing and ESL. Now she focuses on writing women’s fiction and facilitating writing workshops and women’s retreats. She and her husband enjoy family in northern Iowa, and the Arizona Ponderosa forest in winter.

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