Can a Seasonal Move where the Barometric Pressure is Different Make You Feel Better? Affect Your Health? What a gift!

The barometric pressure was on the move last November. My husband sent a message because my typical fall/winter headache was recurring. He included a simple question: “Maybe this could be why your head hurts this morning?” The local radio station provided the rest.

Barometric pressure can affect the way you feel.

“Back by popular demand from last week, here’s your pressure forecast for the next twenty-four hours…we’ll see a pressure fall today, then a slow rise tomorrow.”  #KCRGWX

Who doesn't hate a headache? Barometric pressure ban make your hear poundThis is my body’s usual reaction when a storm is forecast—a severe, downright nasty headache that refuses to be chased away by normal means. Storms indicate a rise in the barometric pressure, and my reliable sinuses tell me when one’s coming.

We hadn’t heard any such forecast, but then my husband found this report online. There’s a certain comfort in knowing the ache is “not all in my head” as my dad used to say.


Mountains of northeast Arizona offer refugeAnd “feel” is an understatement. I’m sharing this to explain why we flee from Iowa to the Arizona mountains in January. Yes, it’s gorgeous here with incredible Ponderosa pines and abundant wildlife. But the main reason for our sojourns here every winter is that barometric pressure I mentioned before.

The pressure lowers as the altitude increases. Ahh…relief! I’ve discovered others who come here for the same purpose and also to decrease pain in their joints.

Wildlife adds to the scenic mountains in northeastern Arizona.For me, this locale has become a haven, a refuge from pain. Being here reminds me that I’d like GRATITUDE to be the hallmark of my life during this new year. Sometimes as I walk, I burst out, “I’m grateful for my miserable sinuses because, without those awful headaches, I probably wouldn’t be here, enjoying all this beauty.”

Just behind us stands a portion of the Mogollon Rim, a beautiful landmark that, like all high places, signifies strength and endurance.

Surprise Gifts under Pressure can be such a blessing! Gail Kittleson tells you how at HeartWingsBlog

No wonder the Psalmist wrote, “I lift my eyes to the hills…” Scripture often alludes to mountains as representative of the Almighty, because they engage our sense of security and wonder. We lift our eyes on our sometimes painful journey through this life—pressure within and from out—and find refreshment and renewal in the refuge of our Father’s protecting presence.

Psalm 121:1

As I reflect upon the reasons we chose to make our second home a place in a lower elevation, I ask the following. How about we make a conscious effort to lift our heads—the action lies with us—to the steadfastness, goodness, and ready protection of our Heavenly Father—no matter how bad the pressure is?

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Gail Kittleson taught college expository writing and ESL. Now she focuses on writing women’s fiction and facilitating writing workshops and women’s retreats. She and her husband enjoy family in northern Iowa, and the Arizona Ponderosa forest in winter.

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