Please join me in welcoming Sharon E. Buck, our Heart”wings” sister/author, known for her own unique brand of humor. 

Sharon is a multiple-published, shoot-from-the-hip, fast-talking-with-a-slight-southern-accent native Floridian, powerful prayer warrior and, as you’ll see, an out-of-the-box funny lady!  Without further ado, let’s get to know Sharon and more about her brand of humor!

Sharon E. Buck shares her story as an author of both humorous cozy mysteries and a testimonial of her personal pain and triumph in faith on

Sharon, when did you first know you wanted to be a writer?

Kindergarten. Thanks to my mom, I could read by the time I was four and had my first library card at five. I just knew that I could write stories like the books I was reading. I started writing stories in the first grade. My teachers were amazed when they read my stories because they couldn’t believe a child could write a short story with a beginning, middle, and end.

What genre(s) do you write; and what made you choose that genre?

I write mostly Southern Chick Lit humorous cozy mysteries, and I have written one Christian book. Much as I try to write about serious topics like murder, espionage, or thrillers, somehow my quirky sense of humor takes over and we are off to the races.

The genre seems to have found me. I simply like to make people laugh while reading my books. Although, it’s probably because this is my preferred alternative to being a standup comedian.

Do you have a regular writing schedule or do you prefer to catch as catch can?

Actually, I do have a schedule…except during the holidays where those cookies and candies mysteriously find their way into my mouth and I can’t work because of the nasty side effects of major sugar rushes.

I write a minimum of four days a week and usually five. I do need two days off for R&R. During college football season, I absolutely, positively DO NOT write on Saturdays. I am a HUGE University of Florida Gator football fan and, obviously, watch all of their games on TV and as many Southeastern Conference (SEC) games as I can. Sundays are totally devoted to God.

What are you working on now?

The Fabergé Easter Egg, the third in the Parker Bell series, came about because I saw a Fabergé Egg at an antique show with my great-aunt many years ago and I was totally mesmerized by it. Later, I saw an article on about a junk dealer who accidentally stumbled upon a Fabergé Egg, tried to sell it for a small profit, and then discovered it was worth $33 million. That piqued my interest and I decided to write a humorous cozy mystery based on it.

I’ve discovered that God definitely has a sense of humor because, ironically enough, although much of my story is fictional, there’s enough truth in it that it could be true. What’s even stranger is that part of my story is based on friends of mine and I had absolutely no clue that what I was writing was actually what their real life was about. I’ve known these folks for 15 years and had absolutely no clue that my fiction was their true life…well, most of it. They’re not admitting to anything. 🙂

Could you share a little more about your other books?

The Parker Bell Cozy Mysteries series features:

Sharon E. Buck, known for her own brand of humor is the author of the Parker Bell Cozy Mysteries series is featured on

A Dose of Nice – 1st in the Parker Bell series

Parker Bell is up to her eyeballs with three dead Po’thole murders and five caffeine and sugar-infused hormonal Lady Gatorettes. Quirky, fast-paced with wacky characters who will make you laugh out loud and say, “I know those people.”

Sharon E. Buck, known for her unique brand of southern humor is the author of the Parker Bell Cozy Mysteries series is featured on

A Honky Tonk Night – 2nd in the Parker Bell series

Parker Bell keeps getting pulled back to her hometown of Po’thole – pronounced Po Ho by the natives and Pothole by anyone north of Georgia – and is caught up in the hilarious mayhem, chaos, and politics of a small town.

The Faberge Easter Egg by Sharon E. Buck, shares more of her unique brand of humor on

The Fabergé Easter Egg – 3rd in the Parker Bell series (should be out in ebook and print format by the end of January 2018)

The Lady Gatorettes and Parker Bell are up to their eyeballs in international mystery and intrigue. How did a Fabergé Easter Egg end up in Po’thole? Why is Russian Anatoly Petrov so interested in this particular egg? And pity the fool who kidnapped Misty Dawn, leader of the Lady Gatorettes and a female who would be the envy of a Marine special forces team.

My most recent and quickest to produce is: 101 Ways to Prank a Tele-Marketer

101 Ways to Prank a Telemarketer by author known for her unique brand of humor, Sharon E. Buck featured on

How do you develop your characters? 

I take people I know and loosely, my attorney says I have to say this, base my characters on them. I take various characteristics of them and then make it a wee bit over the top but where you can read about the characters, laugh, and say, “I know those people.” I actually created the Parker Bell series based on a humorous regional cookbook I wrote some time ago.

Is there one particular message or “moral of the story” you hope readers walk away with?

To laugh and have a good time.  Laughter is good medicine!

You were taking a huge leap out of your “comfort zone” when we first met.  Can you share about that process and what was the result?

Yes, when we first met God was doing a lot of work on me that actually began in March 2016, because of my illness and three night four day staycation in the hospital. Honestly, I did not think I was coming out of that but God obviously had a plan in line for me LOL.

A mandatory extended period of rest and provided me with the time to dive into a deeper relationship with God. He started leading me into such profound introspection it was like peeling off layers and changing from being a hard-hearted person to a softer more earnestly spiritual person.

This process was extraordinarily painful, and kicking-and-stomping my feet, I had to confront issues I didn’t want to confront. I was stubbornly obedient and really struggled with doing this.  I was embarrassed, humiliated, totally exposed and naked – not a place I wanted to be.

Invisible Scars: Stopping the Self-Punishment by Sharon E. Buck featured on HeartWingsBlog.comOriginally, I just wrote it to cleanse my spirit but I had the strong sense that God was telling me to put all of it in a testimonial book on Amazon. I must admit that I don’t think it’s all that well-written and it certainly could’ve been expanded upon nine ways to Sunday. Ultimately and ironically, the book started to sell a little bit and people who purchased the e-book started emailing me and saying how much the book had helped them.

realizing his love for me, and learning to trust him and his ways and not trusting me and my own efforts. Especially as a type A personality it has been really tough to let loose and let go of a lot of aspects of my personality so that I can be obedient and faithful to God. Although extremely challenging, this process has been worth the effort because I’m in such a totally different place, softer, much gentler, and I have truly recognized God‘s love for me.

The resulting book is called Invisible Scars: Stopping the Self Punishment

On a lighter note, Sharon, please tell us who you share your home with and a few of your faves. 

I have three little rescue animals: Angel, a Malti-poo who is also an escape artist given half a chance. Houdini is her nickname. Patches is a little one-eyed Shih-Tzu who also doesn’t hear very well. And Sox is my desk-and-lap loving kitty cat. I’m actually allergic to cats but I couldn’t let him be put down so I adopted him and, yup, I take allergy tablets about 1-2 times a month. Sox is the ringleader of this animal farm.

Book? Outside of the Bible, The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson, Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell, and, of course, all of my books.

Paper, digital, or audio? Digital and paper.      Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate.

Scripture? Really, you want me to choose one verse out of the Bible? That’s like asking which finger I prefer. Proverbs 16:3 and Jeremiah 29:11

What about hobbies outside writing and reading? Eating and cooking, I’m a true foodie except for rutabagas!

Sharon, we truly appreciate your sharing yourself with us and look forward to your upcoming new release and seeing you in our Heart”wings” groups!  Thanks for having me here, Jennifer, it’s been fun!

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