For as long as I can remember, I have had a heart to minister to women. Never did I imagine God would open the doors He has.

Years ago, my husband and I joined Christian Motorcyclist Association so that we could minister to a community that would not step foot into a church while riding a motorcycle. As a part of this group, you pray and choose a ministry to be a part of. We both took classes and listened to teachings that would better equip us for ministry. My husband chose Mechanics and mine was Women’s Ministry.

As I watched videos and listened to the testimonies of women caught up in some of the toughest situations in that community, my heart broke. The pain in their eyes burned into my mind. I wanted to be one to talk with theses broken women and show them that God had bigger plans for them than the men who controlled their lives. My heart cried for them.

As I dug deeper into the life of these motorcycle clubs and their practices, I was hit with a harsh reality. Due to my clean living and sheltered upbringing, I would never be able to find my way into their circles and earn their trust. (You don’t even talk to the woman without permission from the President of the MC she is associated with.) All i could do for these women was pray that someone more qualified than I could minister to them. That someone else would cross their paths and earn their trust.

Women like these continued to weigh heavy on my heart. I knew there had to be others. Then one day, God implored me to look around me. To really watch the women I interacted with on a daily basis. I was surprised to see the same pain. The same hurt. The same despair. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Women like me with secrets that resembled many of the women I originally thought I would reach. They just hid it better with nice clothes, a “happy family” and a Bible in their hands.

With a little patience and a lot of prayer, the doors swung wide.

I asked God to show me how to minister to my friends in a way that wouldn’t push them away. But He showed me that I had to go through some inner healing of my own first. I had my own bitterness, hurt, and temper to give to God. I will admit that I grew extremely frustrated with how long things were taking. I wanted to help these women not face my own issues because I was just like them. I had to look at my secret pain and tell it “no More!”; I had to face my inner demons and kick them out.

At last, this year doors opened in ways I never thought possible. I know that it is only the tip of the iceberg, and the things God has shown me are a little frightening for this small town girl. I am ready for the adventure though. I want to do whatever God has for me. Small or big, it doesn’t matter. Because ultimately, it is their lives that need healing as much as my own.

So, how about you? Have you ever had God lay something on your heart and opened doors to use you?

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Melissa resides in a small mid-Michigan farm community with her husband, three children, two cats, and three dogs. Besides writing, she enjoys reading, taking photos, and spending time with her husband. She began writing in 2014 when she felt the need to put pen to paper when a story would not leave her alone. These stories continue not only inspire readers but the author who writes them. Her hope is that each story touches your heart, gives you hope, or just gives you a moment away from the chaos of life.

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