We All Know the Answer, right? There is no letter “I” in the word ‘TEAM’!

But have you ever noticed that there is also no “U” in it either?

TEAM has no 'i'---but no 'u' as well!! Sometimes, is it good to say no? See what Helen Brown claims at HeartWings Blog

Does everyone always target YOU to volunteer?I was in a meeting. We had an evangelistic function to organize. As I sat at the table, I heard more than once: “That’s your job. You’re the youngest. You can do it. You’re so talented at that, we’re sure you will do a good job!”

Suddenly, I felt like a default setting!

I knew the women around me, all talented and very capable, were all older than me. It could have been said that they had paid their dues. Some might even claim they deserved some time off, but there is no timeout with the Lord’s work at hand; no retirement. We were supposed to be a team, working for Him.

I listened for about five minutes. The list of things for me to do grew longer and longer. Finally, I thought I have had enough of this. I told all those present that while I would carry out the jobs that they were giving me that year, next year things would have to be different.

Does everyone always target YOU to volunteer?I needed to look after my own health—and that of my family—first. So, when I said “No” in the future, it should be taken seriously. The firm tone of my voice surprised even me. Looking back, I am certain that it was the Holy Spirit speaking.

As I reviewed the meeting on the way home and the next day, I was aware of being completely calm about the stand I took. I could have worried about being bored without so much to do, but it didn’t concern me. Something inside told me it wouldn’t be a problem, almost like an obedient move.

Interestingly, once I had taken the stand, other members did step-up and take on a couple of the jobs passed to me during the meeting. I thanked them.

lazy eyed kittyI remembered as a child, some of my friends had what doctors called a ‘lazy eye’, so in order to make it work more effectively, the other eye had to be covered. In effect, the strong one had to take a break, forcing the weak one to step-up and be strengthened.

The Bible says:

“For as we have many members in one body, and all members have not the same office: So, we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another. Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, whether prophecy, let us prophesy according to the proportion of faith;” Romans 12:4-6

Friends, working for the Lord, makes you part of a wonderful team. Sometimes—to make sure that it works together properly—you need to say “NO”. You’ve probably experienced a situation where you’ve had to take a break in order to allow others to serve the Lord.

Be thankfulI’m so thankful He led me to say “no” at an appropriate time and gave me peace. It’s especially hard for some to say!

Has God moved you out of a team situation where others were encouraged to step-up and work for Him?

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Born in Mount Isa, Queensland, in northern Australia, the eldest of five children of Salvation Army Officers, Helen Brown lived an almost nomadic life until she was fifteen years of age. However, she discovered books as a preteen and read a lot, well into the night and occasionally all night. Two stories that captured her imagination were: “Anne of Green Gables” and “Little Women”. Just like the heroines in these stories, she wanted to write. A learning disability, which was not corrected until she was in her thirties, meant that schooling was a real struggle. It also meant that her dream seemed to be a distant mirage. The struggle of raising five children and being a wife to a shearer/farmer in a small town, taught her a lot about life and the grace of God. During this time, she also completed her teaching degree and worked many casual jobs, in order to ensure that the farm was viable. Today, she continues to write, with several books to her name now, while still living at the farm on the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales, Australia.

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