Every morning tell him, “Thank You for your kindness,” and every evening rejoice in all his faithfulness. (Psalms 92 -2)

The Lord's mercies and compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.

I wish I could say I am a perfect soul who does not despair and instead, follows that message to our Father every day and night. I’m blessed even with my imperfections—and times I pray and cry to Him—that I’m completely and totally restored forever.

Our Beloved God deserves great praise. He has shown me MORE than my share of kindness and faithfulness. I wish I could say that in sorrow or shock when I’m sick or exhausted and having doubts, anger, or despair I rejoice with gladness . . . instead of feeling empty of emotion.

Honestly, there are many times I do not. The mortal I am resists. Oftentimes it FEELS as if there is no kindness left on Earth, that maybe I’ve been abandoned altogether by God.

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I wish there was no death, disease, corruption, hatred, anger, or bills one cannot pay, or hunger and wars. I find myself focusing with great anguish on these things at night instead of seeing how much I have to be thankful for.

I wish I did not, but my heart is so torn and saddened at times over those gone HOME or the suffering of another needing help. The burdens of my heart distract me from praying with thankfulness.These things I despair in are temporary, but HE is constant. I am not deserving of such a Father.

I am so humbled by it that I can only be thankful. The truth is while these bad things and doubting times are temporary. I AM a mortal being. THANK GOD for HIS Glory! He understands and STILL loves me.

No matter how imperfect I am; how often I forget, am sad, sick, or doubtful, He is still kind and faithful. He will never stop loving me kindly and faithfully. He continues to bless me. He knows my heart completely.

Bless the Lord forever!I see now how in the darkest of times, the weakest of spirit, the poorest of times, He supplied every need. The devil is a liar who attacks to keep me occupied through diversions, from worshipping our Father who remains faithful and kind.

I am forever thankful. What a gift to have a Father who never gives up on me without fail, even if I fail. He’s full of kindness even in times of despair.

I can only pray that I am given ANOTHER morning to tell him “Thank You for your kindness”, another evening to rejoice in his faithfulness. I do it with a humble heart for a mind cleared and a spirit renewed and restored to reflect His Glory.

So overflowing is His Kindness towards us that He took away all our sins through the blood of His Son, by whom we are saved. Ephesians 1:7

Do you know beyond a doubt that God will NEVER forsake you and will remain kind and faithful even in despair?

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Sharon Mullins

Born and raised in Akron, Ohio until I graduated and then served in the USAF as one of the first 100 combat trained females in Strategic Air Command. Met and married Richard Bryan Garlinger who also was in this and we had 2 beautiful children Holly, and Aric who were 2 and 3 when Rick was shot and killed. God has blessed me all these years and sustained with so much since as I am now the Grandmother of 14 Beloved Grandchildren, one whom is in the loving arms of Our Father. I am presently still caring for these grandchildren who range in age from 23 to 5 months old. Earned 2 degrees at the ripe age of near 50 and have 2 unpublished books that the Spirit has not led me to know are bound for the press as of yet. I love God, my Family, life and learning and know how truly blessed I have been, and continue to pray for whatever steps He places before me to choose wisely and carefully by His Mercy and Grace.

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