Covering others in prayer is essential.

Prayer is the key to heavenHave you ever had to go somewhere that made you feel a little uncomfortable? Have you asked friends and family to cover you in prayer while you were there?


Jesus had something to say to his disciples:
“And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” Mark 16:25.

I saw a post recently about a child attending a function that wasn’t particularly the type that some Christians might not think should be attended. As a child’s event, it could be seen as being harmless enough. The youngster had been invited by a school friend.

Covering with prayer is essential to advancing the Kingdom says Helen Brown at HeartWings Blog

His parent was asking for advice as to whether or not she and her husband should let their son go. She was interested in the answers as it might affect the boy’s Christian witness. There were a variety of answers from ‘absolutely no’ to ‘yes, it was alright’. Not much help.

Even at such a young age, how do you start witnessing?

The best way I have heard of is for the believer to build a relationship with the non-believer first. If you build a good solid relationship that relates to who they are and the problems they are facing, they will be more willing to hear what God is able to do for them. It’s important for them to know that you care.

Zacchaeus_in_the_Sycamore_TreeAfter all, Jesus did this Himself. He met Zacchaeus under the Sycamore Tree then went to his place and ate his food, much to the horror of the church leaders of the time.

So, back to our child and his function. My advice? Yes. I had my say that they let their child go. However, they could cover that child in prayer. After all, when we send missionaries out into the big wide world of sinners, we cover them in prayer.

You will receive Power when the Holy Spirit comes upon youI started to wonder how many times we cover our friends and family members at home while they go out into the world to witness. Some could be living with family members who are not Christians. Do we cover them with prayer? What about those who work amongst non-Christians every day. Do you cover them in prayer?

I’m positive that most people faithfully do, but it doesn’t hurt to ask the question just to reinforce the habit.

“Continue in prayer, and watch in the same with thanksgiving;” Colossians 4:2.

Who do you cover in prayer?

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