What do I know? Not much, truthfully. In the ocean of “stuff that can be learned” the stuff in my head would barely dampen the bottom of a clam shell. But who do I know? That makes all the difference.

It's not what you know, it's who you know



I can’t make beautiful music


But I know people who sing, who play, who dance, and the gifts God gave them they use to gift me.

Could I go into battle for my country and show courage? I’ve never had to try.

But I know people, many people, who have been willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice for their nation and for me.

And sports? My skill level for all of them is unexceptional.

But I know people who play and compete and do incredible things with their joints and muscles and sinews. What a joy to watch years of training and practice and dedication come together on the playing field or the court or the ball diamond.

An astounding catch, a gravity-defying goal kick, a triple toe loop—they are all testimonies to the intricate manner the human body is knit together and the God-given desire to excel.

I don’t live on a farm and am all but ignorant about everything involved. But I can delight in hayrides and critters and wide open spaces and growing things. Because people I love live on farms and let me come and play and delight in the fruits of this ancient and honorable vocation.

I don’t own a cottage and don’t live on the water but guess what? But I know cottage owners who let me call their cottage my cottage, and lake house owners who invite me to set a spell by the water and be soothed by its rhythms. I don’t live in the woods or near the ocean but…you already know how my story goes.

I don’t know how I manage to mess up God’s law every day. But I know Someone who obeyed it perfectly and gave that obedience to me.

I don’t know if I could give my life for a stranger (if ever I collided with that horrific circumstance). But I know Someone not only willing to die for me, His enemy, but who actively sought that death because His anguish was my hope.

I don’t know fully what heaven is like but I know Someone already seated there. And since I am in Him, I’m seated in those heavenly places too.

Isn’t it wonderful?

Doesn’t matter so much what I know. But Who I know has made all the difference. Do you know Him too?

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Anita Klumpers

Anita Klumpers is a wife, mom and grandma. Her life is remarkable by its very ordinariness. She’s been blessed with a husband who is good and hardworking, a church that is small but gospel-driven, children who for every step back took two forward. Convinced that a bit of humor and a dose of prudishness could be her contributions toward a better world she started to blog, first at ‘The Prude Disapproves’ (http://theprudedisapproves.blogspot.com) and now as‘The Tuesday Prude.’ (http://thetuesdayprude.com) She goes for coffee with friends frequently, writes skits and teaches drama classes seasonally, cleans the top of her fridge occasionally and marvels at God’s grace daily. Anita has two romantic-suspense novels published through Prism Book Group: ’Winter Watch’ and ‘Hounded.’ Currently at work on a third novel, she would accomplish more if she spent less time admiring her small but oh-so-briliant grandsons.

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