Mom’s take pride in their children and sometimes need to trust God more!

I giggled at the news, filled with pride! A baby! At long last…oh Father in heaven, You know how I love red hair. Please give us a tough little red-headed boy with freckles.

And God answered—we got everything but the freckles!

As I sit here this evening remembering…filled with pride…what a wonderful, exciting, full of uncertainty, frightening, but blessed time the past forty-something-years have been with this adventure-filled young man who knew by age eight he wanted to be a pilot—a fighter pilot.

Had I known what pilots were like by nature, I’d have been certain this youngster would achieve his goal…he had all the characteristics I now know pilots have…a determination to achieve, regardless of the costs…an affinity for doing things right, and requiring the best from himself and others…an ability to compartmentalize life to give full attention to the task at hand…confidence beyond my ability to understand…fearless courage…deep compassion…unshakeable patriotism…and an addiction to speed.

DiAne Gates at HeartWingsBlog speaks of her pride in a son who serves

From the summer he and his step-dad dismantled Uncle’s car in our driveway then put it back together again, this teen developed a lead foot with an ability to scare the bejeebers out of this mom who was certain her youngun would be the next Nascar superstar.

True to his nature, he had a plan and when he chose a college, it was a school that had won top honors the past five years in their Air Force ROTC program and who also received as many flight slots as a larger Texas school. He received his college diploma and his commission as a Second Lieutenant in the USAF the same day.

But God had a different plan. The number of flight slots were cut in half, as was our military, and he was assigned to a missile silo in an arctic climate which this now young Texas man found difficult.

Several years later, the political arena changed, and those who had previously received flight slots were reassigned to flight school. When planes were selected, our Michael chose the A10 Wart Hog—just like the car of his teen years which was also called “The Beast”—the biggest, best, but baddest fighter, the workhorse of the United States Air Force.

The rest is history.

This week our son, Colonel Michael T. Schultz will become a Wing Commander in the USAF and this mom will sit, with pockets full of Kleenex, as I’ve done in years past, remembering that eight-year-old’s voice on the phone, when his step-dad took him up in a little single engine aircraft as a birthday present. “Mom!” he shouted in my ear. “The pilot let me have the stick! I flew the plane! I’m gonna be a fighter pilot!”

“For I know the plans I have for you, ‘declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

DiAne Gates at HeartWings Blog speaks of being a Proud Mom of a son in service

Thank You, Father in Heaven, for keeping our son safe and blessing his work and his willingness to put his life on the line each day so we can be free. Please continue to bless him and each one of his fellow soldiers and their families for their sacrifice. And Father, I ask that Your Spirit stir this nation’s conscience to repent and seek You so that You could once again bless America and restore us to being “One Nation, Under God.”

Many of our Heart’wings’ sisters have sons and daughters and husbands who serve in the Armed Forces .

Please place these men and women and their families on your prayer list and remember…FREEDOM ISN’T FREE! Our Lord Jesus paid for our freedom at Calvary.

Will you please pray for those who serve?

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