It was just an ordinary Sunday morning as the worship team lead the congregation in singing Matt Redman’s Blessed Be Your Name.

Except it wasn’t.

It certainly wasn’t the first Sunday I’d sat alone. And it wasn’t the first time I’d heard that song, either.

But the shame of divorce, the weight of providing for my kids, and the fear of so many unknowns weighed heavily on my heart. If that wasn’t enough, emotional abuse had held me under, and while I was beginning to see light ahead, I still struggled to reach the surface.

The words struck deep, and I could barely mouth them. Singing aloud was not an option for the tears choking my voice.

If you’re not familiar with this song, he points out that when things are going well, we bless His name. And when things aren’t going so well? We still bless His name. When it’s painful, we still have a choice to say, “Blessed be His name.”

The choice is ours.

There are certainly many who turn away from God when things are hard because they argue a good God wouldn’t allow the difficulties. Or perhaps they feel He failed them, or He doesn’t love them because He didn’t answer their prayers.

Could He have intervened in my situation? Absolutely! But He didn’t. Instead of removing me from the heartache, He walked me through it. He provided in so many ways during that time, and He grew my faith in ways it never would have grown on its own.

So it wasn’t that I didn’t believe the words and therefore had trouble singing them. No, it was quite the opposite. For perhaps the first time I realized what they truly meant.

To stand there, broken and tossed out (according to the world), singing to the One who still loved me anyway, acknowledging the painful road I walked, but choosing to say, blessed be Your name…

That is some of the richest, deepest, strongest praise I know. Not that He is good because He has blessed my life, but that He is good because He is.

Our every thought and action ought to be under-girded by that attitude of praise. He is worthy of it whether we are on the proverbial mountaintop or in the valley.

Blessed Be Your Name.

Wherever you find yourself at this moment, will you lift your eyes to Him and say, “Blessed be Your name?” He deserves your praise!

Is it possible to maintain an attitude of praise whether we're on the mountaintop or down in the valley? A testimony to encourage you along the way.

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