When God's Promise Arrives by Karen Jurgens

“The Lord appeared to Abram and said, ‘To your descendants I will give this land.’ So he built an altar there to the Lord who had appeared to him” ~ Genesis 12:7 NASB.

Do you have a prayer list claiming God’s promises?

Sometimes I look back at my former lists and am amazed at the answers I’ve received. God is such a good God, lavishing His children with wonderful gifts.

One precious gift He bestowed in the Old Testament was land. Can’t you imagine how amazed Abraham must have been when he received God’s promise of a future nation and homeland for the Israelites? That prophecy lasted hundreds of years before God brought it to pass. But on that appointed day following Moses’s death, Joshua led the children of Israel into their promised land.

The arrival of God’s promises proves the truth of God’s Word and gives God all the glory.

Can God prophesy into our lives today? Does He still make promises that He delivers? I can absolutely testify YES.

God promised restoration of my great-grandparents’ land to my mother and me twenty-two years ago. Ninety acres in eastern Kentucky may not sound like much, but the original 500-acre farm was dedicated to the Lord as holy ground when my great-grandparents were living. At their invitation, Assembly of God missionaries resided in a hillside cabin near the farmhouse where they preached and ministered to the community. Over the years, thousands of prayers ascended from that place, and God’s presence manifested in miraculous ways.

Then came a promise…

Before my maternal grandmother passed away in 1977, she made my mother promise that, if possible, she would buy the farm and always keep it in the family.

My mother would have probably forgotten that promise over time because it made no sense. What would she do with a farm in another state? But something amazing occurred to convince her otherwise.

In 1995, she traveled to visit her aunt in Kentucky. Praying and praising the Lord as she made the hour’s drive from the airport, the Lord spoke to her spirit. The farm would be His gift to her.

When she called me that evening to tell me about it, I couldn’t believe my ears. I could hardly wait to explain that while I had been praying that afternoon, the Lord had spoken the same thing to my spirit. We compared when we had prayed, and to our amazement, it had been at the same time on that very day. Beyond a doubt, the Lord had spoken a personal prophecy that He would fulfill, so we claimed that promise, prayed and waited.

Years passed. After the last of the eleven children died in 2008, the farm finally went up for sale. We felt certain it would easily be ours. However, to our shock, it sold to a distant relative’s family member.

How could that be? Had we misunderstood?

The miraculous way God had delivered this promise to us on the same day at the same time convinced us to keep standing. We made a trip there the following summer to pray over the land and claim it for God’s glory. I piled up rocks as a miniature altar, poured anointing oil over them, and thanked God that this land would someday be ours. We committed ourselves anew to God’s promise and continued praying for a miracle.

Another summer, Mother made a trip with Meghan, my older daughter, where she walked the land and prayed for God to fulfill His promise. The Lord whispered to her spirit that He hadn’t forgotten, that it would happen in his timing.

Every day of every year, we prayed and believed for God’s promise to come to pass.

When God's Promise Arrives by Karen Jurgens

For the next eight years, we occasionally visited, mourning the disintegrating condition of the land. A couple years ago the farmhouse burned down, and only the chimney stood, surrendered in the middle of a forest of overgrowth. The situation looked hopeless, but we still travailed in prayer and kept believing because God’s promises are always true, no matter how bad the circumstances may appear.

Then a miracle happened.

A neighbor’s son in eastern Kentucky connected with me on social media to let me know the farm was for sale. That started the ball rolling. On April 27, 2017, during this year of double Jubilee, Mother signed a contract to purchase the family farm. God’s gift finally arrived into Mother’s hands, and we’ve been rejoicing ever since.  (In the year of Jubilee, God restores lands back to their rightful owners. Click here for more information.)

God’s promise—delivered.

When God's Promise Arrives by Karen Jurgens

Standing together on our promised land / Moments before signing the papers

What’s next?

The land has a divine purpose, no doubt. We’re praying for the Lord’s leading, and whatever happens, we vow to do God’s will and glorify His name throughout the earth. We’re very humbled at the awesomeness and lovingkindness of the great God we serve, and we joyfully anticipate the days ahead.

How about you? How can you testify about God’s promises arriving in your life?







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Karen Jurgens

Karen Jurgens is a retired French and English teacher who has devoted her career to helping students learn to write. Over the years, she has published stories and articles in national magazines. She is the author of one novella, which has just been updated and re-released as A PERFECT FIT, with a new novel due out September 2018. Her ministry blog, Touched by Him, helps apply God’s truths to life’s trials, especially relating to Christian marriage.

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