The tourist centers near the borders of each state can be great resources to discover fun things to see and do in a new state.

Upon stopping at one such center, we asked the lady working there for a suggestion of the best nearby place to get a good picture of the beautiful area. She highly recommended the boat ramp area and gladly provided directions.

We headed off to locate our perfect picture spot. This is what we discovered.

This is where we were told would be the best place to get a picture of the area... Perhaps we need a different perspective!

The ramp was located between the two sides of the highway and contained none of the trees we had told her we wanted to take pictures of…

Our perspective on life greatly depends on what we believe happens at the end of it. How's your perspective?But I realized that experience was a great illustration of Solomon’s wisdom in Ecclesiastes. Throughout the book he talks about the futility of life under the sun. This life here on Earth, particularly without Christ, is pretty meaningless.  And yet, there are many who focus on “living life to the fullest.”

As Christians we know that this world doesn’t hold the best that we’ll experience. Not until heaven will we “really live.”

That is a huge difference. Our perspective on our time here will greatly depend on what we believe happens when we die. Is this the best it will ever be, or is this the worst it will ever be?

The boat ramp was a great disappointment because our idea of the best location looked different than hers. But what a great reminder of the importance of maintaining the right perspective.



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