I had returned temporarily to my parents’ home with my five-year-old daughter. Newly divorced with no job, no money, very few belongings and a large debt I had run up at a department store. Things looked bleak.

My father asked me what I needed and I told him about the debt. He didn’t say anything at the time, but about a week later he told me my bill was paid. I was free and clear. Even today, tears come to my eyes as I recall the joy of hearing that news. My earthly father paid my bill with no expectation of repayment. Free!

Today’s world has conditioned us to be very suspicious of anything free.

In fact, we think that if something is free it can’t be worth anything. We wonder, what’s the catch? That’s why we cannot accept that God’s great gift of salvation is free – it comes with no strings attached, no expectation of repayment. To our sin-sick souls it seems just too good to be true! It’s difficult for us to grasp this concept because we cannot believe that anyone would love us so much – to pay our debt and not expect repayment. But that’s God’s grace.

My father paid a bill that I was unable to pay, yet how much more did my Heavenly Father do when He sent His Son to die for my sins! God’s greatest gift of salvation allows me to live the rest of my life in thanksgiving – a life of gratefulness for what He has done for me.

Therefore, any good works I do don’t get me a ticket into heaven. Any kindness or love I show my neighbors doesn’t earn my salvation. They are but evidence of a life of gratitude for what God has done for me and for you.

May God’s free gift of salvation encourage us all to share the good news with those who are still working their way to heaven – doomed to a life of discouragement and heartache. In Jesus name, Amen.name of Jesus


Have you ever had the experience of having a debt suddenly forgiven? Do you remember how that felt? You may have known about Jesus Christ’s sacrifice all your life, but consider the person who hasn’t yet heard that their greatest debt has been paid. Celebrate Easter! Share the good news, He is risen, He is risen indeed!


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Barbara Bras

Barbara Bras left a career in the corporate world in February 2015 to pursue her dream of serving her Lord and Savior. Unsure of exactly how, she knew the first step required sharing the amazing ways God protected and blessed her life. Frustrated with inadequate attempts to pen her life-story, she sought a new writing method, one unencumbered by previously encountered obstacles. After a three-day seminar that changed her life, she wrote continuously, the story of her son's miraculous adoption and the challenging years that followed spilled onto the pages. The process led her to uncover God’s role in her very existence as she envisioned her grandparents' remarkable survival from persecution in Armenia to their immigration to the US. Finally, Bras shared the rest of her story, concluding with her search for true love while teaching in a small Wisconsin town. The final product, Wrapped in God’s Grace, a Life Rediscovered, was published in November of 2015. During the months that followed, released from the need to voice her story, Barbara realized her life's new purpose. Captured by St. Paul in 2 Corinthians 1:3-4, her work is first a tribute to the God who comforts and strengthens all of us in hardships and trials, and second serves as a mission to encourage others. Her first novel, She Who Knows, a Tale of the Heart released in May 2016 seeks to inspire readers.

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