Don’t hold on tight . . . Trust! Let go! From our hands into His, God is able!

Robin Robertson encourages us to let go and trust God at HeartWingsBlog today!It’s imperative to trust God through all circumstances. One of my maternal grandmother’s favorite scriptures was Psalms 118:8. “It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man”. Out of our hands, and into His!

My mother was raised in a loving, but sheltered, Christian home. My father was an atheist. I spent the first nine years of my life not knowing Christ because Mom wasn’t even allowed to mention God in our home. It wasn’t until after they separated that I found out who God was.

Finding Jesus at the age of nine and accepting Him as my Savior seemed important to me at the time. It was easy to trust and rely on Him in the nurturing atmosphere and safety of home. However, as I left that safety and entered the adult world, I found myself walking to and from God on a regular basis. To trust Him wasn’t always easy.

When things were going well, I was grateful to God for His mercy and grace. When my life started to teeter out of control, I took it out of His hands to handle it myself. After all, if God were really running my life, would He allow these terrible things to happen to me? I no longer trusted Him.

Robin Robertson encourages us to let go and trust God at HeartWingsBlog today!

After many years of glorious ups and horrendous downs, I began to seek God more. Somewhere down deep, I knew I needed Him–to trust Him–and placed my life in His hands. I also began dating a friend who was a pastor. Over time, we fell very much in love (or so I thought) and planned to be married. I was thrilled that I had finally found a man who would keep me focused on God.

Life was good and full of God’s grace, and I knew it was because I had put my trust in Him. We served in ministries together at our church, and my life was finally coming together.

Robin Robertson encourages us to let go and trust God at HeartWingsBlog today!Then suddenly, my husband told me he was leaving me. I was immediately replaced by a woman he went to high school with. She left her husband for him, and they had been cheating for six months before he finally left. In one day, my wonderful life came crashing down. I didn’t want to live. Why God, I cried, why!

I wanted to give up, but God spoke to me through that desperation. “Trust me, my precious daughter.” I reached out my hand and grabbed His, and through sobs, I chose to trust Him and made a vow. “God, no matter how bad things get, no matter how much pain I suffer, I will never let go of Your hand.”

Over the following few months, I came to realize that God’s will for me was to serve Him, and He had used this man to accomplish His purpose. The pain of this breakup was intense, but He was faithful to walk with me the whole way, just as He promised, proving to be trustworthy. I never lost faith in Him.  As daughters of the Most High God, He makes that promise to all of us.

How about you? Will you trust Him with your life? Have you emptied your hands into His?

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Robin Robertson

Owner/Instructor at ABC Medical Services
I live in Fresno, California and have been here most of my life. I am a small business owner where I teach CPR and First Aid classes. I play clarinet, saxophone, and bass guitar, and when not working you can often find me playing in one of several groups I belong to. I attend Bethel Christian Center, a local Assemblies of God church, where I play clarinet on the praise team, sing in the choir, serve as an usherette one Sunday a month, and serve on a Prayer Team. I am also involved with Child Evangelism Fellowship at one of our local elementary schools. My time, when not playing, teaching, or serving, is spent reading and studying, with the goal of getting as close to God as I can possibly get before He takes me home.

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