Heart“wings” is a ministry of God’s great love.

Our Heavenly Father cherishes us, showers us with His unconditional perfect love, and uses us to share that magnificent, boundless love with others; concerning ourselves with their necessities and reaching out to help.

We are His hands and feet on earth as we encounter those in need. As His daughters, we use our “wings” of love to make a difference.

Mary’s Song

Mary’s Song

As shoppers hurried into the mall to escape the Winter winds, I was acutely aware of one man who was ambling to the entrance, methodically tapping his cane. He touched the door. Then he paced ten steps away. Dropping to his knees, he placed his hat on the ground for tips and pulled a flute from his tattered jacket. With instrument in hand, the flutist played “Silent Night,” “The and “Drummer Boy.” I was enthralled by the angelic sound resonating from his instrument. Passersby stopped long enough to listen.

As people returned to the scurry of activities that so easily defines the Christmas season, I remained.

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